• The Voluntary Euthanasia Party was created to provide the compassion, dignity and choice that current legislation is denying terminally and incurably ill Australians.

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Consider Your Vote

Fifty NSW members of the VEP came together to create two TV / Social Media commercials in the lead up to the March Election. All participants have their own personal stories or a strong belief that dying with dignity should be a basic human right. Please share this video to help us spread the word about the need for law reform.

When I Was Young

An interesting look at how perceptions change over time.

VEP Audio

Listen to this recent interview on 2UE:

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Tracey Spicer to back voluntary euthanasia campaign

Mothers' deaths convince Rachel Friend, Tracey Spicer to back voluntary euthanasia campaign "I just want it to be over," Rachel Friend's mother told doctors. "Never let me have another seizure," Shayne Higson's mother implored her daughters. Before she spent her final days in a palliative care unit screaming in pain, Tracey Spicer's mother had begged, "Don't let me suffer". In a Northern Beaches park, the three women are talking about their mothers, about missing their mothers, and sharing a complex mix of emotion: love, loss, guilt, horror and rage.   Read More...

Voluntary Euthanasia Party candidate Shayne Higson on life, death and the law

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party's lead candidate in the 2015 NSW State Election, Shayne Higson, puts her case for changing the law on assisted dying following her mother's harrowing experience. With its purple cover and neat, rounded handwriting, the book looks as innocent as a schoolgirl's diary. But it tells a savage story. "I know that I have failed Mum. She trusted me to make sure she would not suffer in the end." Shayne Higson, a 55-year-old photographer, wrote those words in late 2012 as she recorded her elderly mother's final days with brain cancer.   Read More...

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