• Read about the VEP's campaign for the seat of Wentworth

  • The Voluntary Euthanasia Party was created to provide the compassion, dignity and choice that current legislation is denying terminally and incurably ill Australians.

  • Voluntary assisted dying bills were introduced and debated in Australia's two biggest states, New South Wales and Victoria in late 2017. Click this image to read more about the outcomes of these debates.

Our Purpose

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) was created to provide the compassion, dignity and choice that current legislation is denying terminally and incurably ill Australians. The party hopes to provide a clear political outlet for the overwhelming public support for voluntary euthanasia.

If you are one of the 85% of Australians who support voluntary assisted dying, please consider joining the Voluntary Euthanasia Party, it's free, or just sign up as a supporter using the Stay in Touch button below.

Our 2016 Federal Election Campaign

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) ran a strong Federal Election campaign in 2016 to continue pushing the national debate towards the legalisation of voluntary assisted dying. We nominated 7 candidates across the 3 states that were identified as most strategically important.

An impressive range of VEP candidates contested the Senate races in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, as well as the lower house seat of Menzies. You can see the full biographies of each candidate and other campaign information at the following links:

NSW Senate Campaign 2016 Victorian Senate Campaign 2016 South Australian Senate Campaign 2016 Menzies Campaign 2016

We have seen real momentum on our issue since the VEP's inception back in 2013, and we will continue to work as one part of the movement committed to achieving law reform. Our next campaigns will be for the next Victorian state election on 24 November 2018 and the NSW state election on 23 March 2019.

Consider Your Vote

Fifty NSW members of the VEP came together to create two TV / Social Media commercials in the lead up to the 2015 NSW State Election. All participants have their own personal stories or a strong belief that dying with dignity should be a basic human right.

When I Was Young

An interesting look at how perceptions change over time. Please share these videos to help us spread the word about the need for voluntary assisted dying law reform.

VEP Audio


Listen to this recent interview on 2UE:

Victoria Passes Assisted Dying Law

On 29 November 2017, less than two weeks after the NSW VAD Bill failed to pass in the NSW Upper House by just one, the Victorian Parliament made history by becoming the first Australian state to approve the introduction of a voluntary assisted dying scheme. The Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Law was the result of an impeccable process. Following a 10-month Parliamentary Inquiry Into End Of Life Choices, the most comprehensive of its kind ever held in Australia, the cross-party committee tabled its report in mid 2016, which included a recommendation to introduce voluntary assisted dying legislation. In December 2016, the Premier, Daniel Andrews, and his health minister, Jill Hennessy, announced they would follow that recommendation and they appointed a Ministerial Advisory Panel to draft their legislation led by former AMA President, Professor Brian Owler.  Nearly one year later, after more than 100 hours of debate across both houses of the Victorian Parliament and two demanding all-night sittings, Lower House MPs ratified the Victorian Government’s amended Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill. Outside Parliament House, Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, told reporters that “This is a day of reform, a day of compassion and a day of giving control to those who are terminally ill….I’m proud we have put compassion right at the centre of our parliamentary and political process."

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