2019 NSW Election

Voluntary Euthanasia Party to contest upper house seats

for NSW Election on 23 March 2019 

Shayne at rally

Shayne Higson has been endorsed as the lead VEP candidate in the upcoming NSW State Election to be held on Saturday, 23 March 2019. Shayne is an experienced candidate, having run as a VEP candidate in four elections over the past five years, at state and federal levels. Between elections Shayne has continued to work tirelessly on the campaign to legalise voluntary assisted dying (VAD) in roles with Dying With Dignity NSW, Go Gentle Australia and Dying with Dignity WA. 

“The 2019 NSW Election will be my fifth election campaign for the VEP and it will be the most important one. Just over one year ago, we saw the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill fail to pass in the NSW upper house by a single vote. If we can win just one seat in the upper house, it could make all the difference when the next VAD bill is debated in the NSW Parliament,” said Shayne.

Within weeks of the narrow defeat in NSW, the Victorian Parliament passed its own Voluntary Assisted Dying law, which will come into effect in June 2019.


Recent polling showed that 82% of NSW residents want an assisted dying law, so the VEP will be encouraging voters to take the opportunity to make this happen by giving their number 1 vote to the Voluntary Euthanasia Party on the upper house ballot paper on 23 March 2019.

"If enough voters give us just one vote, just this once, we can focus on getting this legislation passed," promises Shayne.

"Just one vote. Just this once."

With preparations for the March election well underway, it is not too soon to put up your hand to volunteer for letterbox dropping our flyers in your local area, handing out the 'How To Vote' materials at the pre-polling or to help out on Election Day - Saturday 23 March.

Over one quarter of the votes Shayne Higson achieved in the Wentworth by-election came during the weeks of pre-polling, so the VEP would love to have volunteers willing to man most of the pre-polling booths in the weeks leading up to election day.

If you would like to help out over the next few weeks or on 23 March, please register your interest here.




To run an effective campaign the VEP will also need to raise substantial funds so if the are able to make a donation, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Shayne will be joined by 17 other candidates on the VEP's upper house ticket. These extra candidates are needed to ensure voters can vote 'Above the Line' for the party and those candidates will be announced shortly.





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