The Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) was created to provide the compassion, dignity and choice that current legislation is denying terminally and incurably ill Australians. The party hopes to provide a clear political outlet for the overwhelming public support for voluntary euthanasia.

We believe that people with a terminal or incurable illness deserve the right to make informed choices about the timing and manner of their death through appropriate and humane medical assistance.

We hope to bring about legislative change so that individuals are able to access medical assistance under strict guidelines to achieve a peaceful death.

We aim to ensure that people make voluntary and informed decisions and that the vulnerable are protected.

We support the formation of cross-party working groups to draft legislation so Voluntary Assisted Dying Bills, with strict safeguards, can be introduced across Australia. 


The Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) is a minor political party, founded in early 2013 to advocate legislative change to allow voluntary euthanasia in Australia.

By running candidates for state and federal parliaments we hope to increase attention to our cause, and intensify pressure on other Members of Parliament to support pro-choice legislation.

One of the key ideas behind the formation of the VEP was to bring together the various voluntary euthanasia groups under a single political platform. When forming the VEP, the executives of pro-voluntary euthanasia organisations were consulted, including Philip Nitschke, the founder of Exit International and Richard Mills, the President of Dying With Dignity (NSW) in 2013.

Professor Ranjan Ray, former President of the Western Australia Voluntary Euthanasia Society, was the first Convenor of the VEP and he was succeeded by Kerry Bromson in 2014.

Current Branches

So far the Voluntary Euthanasia Party has a federal branch and two state branches - NSW and Victoria. For further information on any of these branches click these links. 

Federal VEP



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