Bertha Franklin

My Name is Bertha Eva Franklin. I was born in Newcastle NSW where I finished with The School Certificate in 1965.

At the start of 1966 I was employed by an Insurance firm converting our old currency to Decimal Currency and worked there until I started my nursing career at the end of the year in November of 1966.

After some time I moved to Melbourne continued nursing up to 1988. I married in November 1969. In December 1976 we were blessed with the arrival of our son Jay In October of 1981 our son started little athletics and soon became involved in many activities around the centre. My main voluntary position was the running of the Canteen with the help of others. I did this probably in excess of ten years even after my son finished competing. I was awarded Life Membership of the Coburg Athletic Centre in the 1991-92 seasons. I was very humbled by this, as I did not feel it was necessary I just loved doing the work it was very rewarding working with the children.

In 1998 I became a widow. Having the social contact at the athletic track has been a great thing after retiring from work. I am still very involved at the athletic centre; I am a member of the Ground Management of the Coburg Athletic Track. This year is my 33 year of being involved in many activities at the track.

My interest in Voluntary Euthanasia is mainly due to feeling that we all should have the right to choose our own end of life decisions when we feel the time is right for us. My decision about supporting this cause is due to the place my son finds himself in. Suffering from Hirschsprung’s Disease, he has been told there is no further surgery to help his illness.

Last September he was given the (Green Light) meaning he was accepted for Voluntary Euthanasia at Dignitas in Switzerland.


Despite strong public support and lobbying over many decades our elected representatives have failed to act. It's time to make them listen.

Shayne Higson NSW

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