Planned slow death prompts calls for voluntary euthanasia law reform

8 February 2016

Planned slow death prompts calls for voluntary euthanasia law reform

The announcement this week that 55 year old, dialysis dependent, MS sufferer, Anthony Virgona plans to end his life by refusing dialysis has prompted calls for the immediate introduction of end of life (voluntary euthanasia) legislation by the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP).

See: ‘MS sufferer starts process to end his life’, The Age, 8th February 2016.

Speaking from Sydney, VEP spokesperson, Shayne Higson said that for Anthony to have to end his life in this way was barbaric and obscene.

"It may be his only legal option to put an end to his suffering, but the slow death planned, as his body succumbs to the growing concentration of toxins in his blood, even if he received medical sedation, is inhumane," said Ms Higson.

"There are a number of jurisdictions around the world with effective voluntary euthanasia laws, with the US state of California being the most recent to introduce a law. If Australia legalised voluntary assisted dying, Anthony could have a legal, peaceful and quick death at a time of his choosing. We should not be offering our terminally ill less than that,” stressed Ms Higson.

Shayne Higson said she knows of other MS sufferers who are extremely fearful of their end of life prognosis and who are struggling to find some way to achieve a peaceful and dignified end to their suffering.

"What we see at the Voluntary Euthanasia Party is that as patients learn about their limited, legal options, they demand that politicians listen to the majority of the Australian public and introduce good legislation".

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party has a national membership of over 3,500 and plans to field candidates in all states at the upcoming Federal election.

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