Make this “Double D” election a “Triple D” where a Diversity of views Delivers better Democracy

28th June, 2016

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be a micro party,” says Voluntary Euthanasia Party’s Shayne Higson.

Voluntary Euthanasia Party NSW Senate candidate, Shayne Higson, has welcomed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s call to Australians to value their vote and assess the merits of every party’s candidates.

“Mr Turnbull is right – voters should look at the party, the quality of candidates, their commitment to their cause and whether they can play a constructive role in our modern democracy,” said Ms Higson.

Contesting her third election, Shayne Higson is known to many voters and the Voluntary Euthanasia Party policy could not be clearer.

“I hope NSW electors will look at my commitment and look at my passion for an issue that affects so many families - with an overwhelming number of Australians supporting changes to our laws to bring them into line with US and European approaches – this is not a radical agenda, but compassionate and well tested,” said Ms Higson.

“Mr Turnbull is trying to frighten Australians into thinking if they vote for any candidate, other than those from the Liberal National Party, there will be chaos but I totally disagree,” said Ms Higson.

“Now, more than ever, we need politicians who represent the diversity of views within our society and we need open and considered debate before major policies are passed,” she argues.

“The new voting system for the Senate enables that diversity and I believe democracy works best when people value their vote and the system encourages both participation and choice so a range of views can be tested by public opinion.”

“If elected, I will do my best to support a majority Government, however, I also commit to a careful examination all proposed legislation, to considering the evidence, for and against, and then making a decision based on that evidence.

“To be honest, I believe it makes for better government if MPs assess legislation on its merits, consult experts, consult the community and not simply follow the party line.”

“I am glad we have the Senate and I am sure the majority of Australians are too. In this double ‘D’ election think triple ‘D’ – ‘democracy demands debate’ and ‘diversity delivers democracy’.”

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