Donald Bayley

Donald Bayleyis a candidate for election to the NSW Legislative Council on 28 March 2015, as a representative of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW).

Donald was born in Cheshire, England in September 1935 and came to Australia in 1955, settling in Melbourne.

Donald is a practicing quantity surveyor and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. Apart from part time lecturing in the general estimating field for building at the Universities of Sydney, Technology, New South Wales and Western Sydney for some years, he has no affiliation with any organisations.

In 2007, Donald’s wife was diagnosed with a melanoma to the mucosa, which had become metastatic and therefore untreatable. In July 2007, he accompanied his wife, at her wish, to Dignitas in Switzerland for an assisted suicide.

Having been advised that the Voluntary Euthanasia Party had been formed, he became a passionate supporter.

Personal Statement

"In 2007, I accompanied my wife to Switzerland where she had an assisted suicide and I fully supported her decision. My wife had a metastatic melanoma of the mucosa and was given no long-term future. She was in constant pain and discomfort and her only alternative to an assisted suicide was to go into a hospice and die slowly. Her death was a blessing to all of us and it was such a beautiful experience, one couldn’t have asked for kinder and more supportive people than we had.

Dr Erica Preisig, the doctor who assisted my wife, left Dignitas to form her own organisations Lifecycle and Eternal Spirit. I have maintained contact with her over the years and visited a number of times.”

Despite strong public support and lobbying over many decades our elected representatives have failed to act. It's time to make them listen.

Shayne Higson NSW

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