Geoffrey Williams

Geoffrey Williamsis a candidate for election to the NSW Legislative Council on 28 March 2015, as a representative of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW).

Geoffrey is a member of ‘Dying with Dignity NSW’, and is also a member of ‘Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Euthanasia’ (C4VE), which was co-founded by his father-in-law, Ian Wood who is National Co-ordinator.  

Geoffrey is a retired accountant, having worked in accounting firms, industry and finally the Commonwealth Public Service. He is a Life Member of Apex and the Apex Foundation. In retirement, he is kept busy with the University of the Third Age (U3A), golf, and singing concerts with his wife and her parents at day care and aged care facilities in the Southern Highlands.

Geoffrey represented C4VE at the Senate Inquiry into the Medical Services (Dying With Dignity) Draft Exposure Bill in October 2014, and is quoted in Hansard and the resulting Senate Report. In his speech to the Senate Committee, he emphasised three points: 

1. Voluntary euthanasia is not a matter of life and death, but rather, it is a choice between different ways of dying;

2. Over 82% of Australian voters are in favour of voluntary euthanasia, including a significant majority within nearly all Christian denominations; and

3. There is significant theological support in favour of voluntary euthanasia, despite some Church leaders being among those who oppose VE.

Personal Statement “I want the right to choose a pain free and peaceful death, and not have to suffer the way I have seen others suffer. 

I want to help spread the message that the vast majority (> 75%) of church going Christians are in favour of people having a choice about the manner of their dying. We believe that death should be peaceful and dignified, not painful and traumatic. There is no virtue in pain for its own sake.  

I want to assure people who are uncertain about medically assisted dying, that it is purely voluntary, not compulsory, and that they do not have to choose it for themselves.  

I want those people who oppose voluntary euthanasia to accept that they do not have the right to impose their dogma upon other people who are suffering intolerable pain from terminal or hopeless and incurable illness.

Democracy in Australia is not working in the context of Medically Assisted Dying / Voluntary Euthanasia. It is time that it did!”

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Despite strong public support and lobbying over many decades our elected representatives have failed to act. It's time to make them listen.

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