Kathleen (Kath) Schilling

Kathleen (Kath) Schillingis a candidate for election to the NSW Legislative Council on 28 March 2015, as a representative of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW).

Kath has Indigenous heritage and has worked with Aboriginal communities for many years during her working career and through family connections with Darlington Point, NSW.

Kath has a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences and overseas training in human rights. She has worked with the aged; with Indigenous communities; with Asian communities and the general public.

During her time at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in Canberra, where she ran the Aboriginal Family History Unit for many years, Kath ran workshops, information and training sessions, gave talks on reconciliation and the journey of healing and made a submission to the Stolen Generations Inquiry in 1995.

Personal Statement

“My husband spent many years being treated for cancer, from 1989 until 1994. He died at Westmead Hospital in 1994. He was 42 years of age. It was a hard set of years and his final suffering was a mix of continual pain and depression, despite palliative care. 

Many years ago I worked for Home Care, with the elderly. Some of my clients had operations, despite their ages and medications that really took away their quality of life.

There are so many untold stories of how people are left to suffer at the end of their years. 

Despite strong public support and lobbying over many decades our elected representatives have failed to act. It's time to make them listen.

Shayne Higson NSW

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