Dr KYM KILPATRICK is standing as a candidate for election to the NSW Legislative Council on 23rd March 2019.

Dr. Kym Kilpatrick is a recently retired counselling psychologist. Throughout her 35 plus years of working life, she has been committed to helping her clients live their lives with awareness, purpose, gratitude and efficacy. This includes making informed choices about all of the many life decisions, including the difficult ones.

Kym is a strong believer in social and community justice. Currently in her retirement she is an active member of her local Rural Fire Service and a supporter of guardianship for our natural environment.

Personal Statement
"I am not by nature someone who seeks attention and my retirement plans did not include running for public office. However, like many others, I have witnessed people I love dearly die slowly with unnecessary pain, suffering and significant loss of dignity. Like so many, this has resulted in profound distress, feelings of helpless and trauma in my loved one as well as myself and other family members.
I believe that everyone is entitled to respect regarding their religious and spiritual beliefs. However, I also believe in mutual respect; that is, that the individual has the right to not have another’s religious belief and spirituality forced upon him or her. For too long, it seems to me, certain beliefs that it is “God’s will” that people suffer prolonged and painful dying have been forced upon others who do not hold such beliefs, and when the ill person is at his or her most helpless.

I wish to emphasize that I support choice for terminally ill people, not taking choice away. In other words I believe in the need for a range of options available for all individuals, including the best palliative care practices, as well as assisted dying. Further, that all choices should be respected.

I know that for some people, the thought of legalised voluntary euthanasia may seem a slippery slope to individuals being pressured by family members to end their life early. However I believe that we can create effective legislation to counter this with rigorous legal checks and balances to ensure that it is the dying person’s will that is primarily respected. It is for this reason that I am prepared to offer myself as a VEP candidate for the NSW Legislative Council."

Despite strong public support and lobbying over many decades our elected representatives have failed to act. It's time to make them listen.

Shayne Higson NSW

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