Lower House Candidate For Menzies

Jay_Franklin_(Website).jpgJay Franklin has been endorsed as the Voluntary Euthanasia Party’s candidate for the lower house seat of Menzies for the Federal Election on 2 July 2016.

Jay is passionate about running as a VEP candidate in the upcoming Federal Election, primarily due to his own personal story.

Jay was born with a chronic bowel disease and has undergone over 100 operations throughout his life. He has had all of his large intestine and the majority of his small intestine removed and he lives with severe, chronic pain due to abdominal adhesions and bowel obstructions.

Due to his illness, Jay missed out on much of his schooling over the years and was forced to leave school before completing Year 12. He worked in a few odd jobs before gaining a position as a Senior Warehouse Assistant. Jay was quickly promoted to Warehouse Manager and managed to cope with his pain, most of the time, however, he did need a few admissions to have surgery to deal with bowel obstructions.

Around the time of his 21st birthday, Jay was admitted to hospital for major surgery due to a complete bowel obstruction. He spent three months in hospital. Following that surgery he managed to return to work and later was even well enough to travel overseas for a 3-month holiday.

From around 2001, Jay coached Little Athletics and was on the Board Of Management at the Coburg Athletics Centre, in the role of Competition Director, making sure competitions ran smoothly and dealing with complaints from both parents and children.

Since 2007, Jay’s chronic pain has increased severely, greatly affects his day-to-day life. He required more surgery to try to remove abdominal adhesions and deal with another bowel obstruction. That surgery lasted 18 hours before he was rushed back to theatre for a further 6 hours due to complications. 

Jay is now on heavy narcotics to try to manage his chronic pain but these are not very successful. He has been told on multiple occasions that there is nothing else that can be done surgically and that he is not a candidate for an intestinal transplant due to all of his abdominal adhesions. All doctors can do at this stage is try to manage his pain but because his condition is not considered terminal, he is unable to receive palliative care, which would include the possibility of IV pain relief at home.

In August 2013, Jay was accepted to travel to Dignitas in Switzerland where he could end his life peacefully, on his own terms, when he feels the time is right. Jay feels strongly that he should not have to travel to the other side of the world to end his life when his suffering becomes unbearable. As his health continues to deteriorate, Jay is determined to stay here in Australia, in his own home. If his suffering becomes intolerable and there is nothing more that doctors can do to improve his situation, Jay wants the right to choose a peaceful, pain-free assisted death here in Australia. That is why he has chosen to run as a candidate for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party, to fight for his right to choose.

“When it comes to end of life choices, we should have the right to end our immense suffering and go out on one's own terms. This isn’t just for me but it's for all Australians who are suffering from a terminal or incurable illness or those with uncontrollable pain and suffering,” said Jay.

Contact Details

To contact Jay Franklin you can email jayfranklin@optusnet.com.au or call on 0449 262 280.


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