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Shayne Higson has been endorsed as the lead NSW Senate candidate for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) for the Federal Election on 2 July 2016.

This will be Shayne’s third election campaign having run as the lead NSW Senate candidate in the last federal election back in 2013, and also as the lead upper house candidate in the 2015 NSW State Election.

Shayne was the driving force behind the registration of the first state branch of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party in early 2014 and is currently the NSW State Convenor.

Before becoming involved in the campaign for voluntary euthanasia law reform, Shayne was a photographic artist and someone who usually expressed her political opinions through her visual art.

Although she has always believed in the principle of dying with dignity, it was following the death of her mother in late 2012 from an aggressive brain cancer that Shayne became passionate and vocal about the need for law reform.

When the Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill was introduced in April 2013, Shayne told her story, along with many others, in the hope that politicians would respond to the overwhelming community support and introduce new laws to allow medically assisted dying for terminally ill patients who are experiencing unbearable pain or suffering. When the bill was defeated in the NSW Upper House 23 – 13, Shayne was bitterly disappointed but was determined to continue the campaign for law reform.

Since being chosen as the VEP's NSW Senate candidate back in 2013, Shayne has worked tirelessly for the party and for the campaign to legalise voluntary assisted dying in general. With the support of fellow candidate, Janise Farrell, VEP members and volunteers, Shayne is looking forward to building on the success of previous campaigns.

Shayne was born and raised in Sydney but currently lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW. She is a caring daughter, sister, partner and mother and is proud to once again represent the Voluntary Euthanasia Party in New South Wales, providing a voice for the thousands of families and carers who have watched loved ones suffer unnecessarily at the end of their terminal illness.

Contact Details

To contact Shayne Higson you can email shayne@vep.org.au or call on 0403 625 456.

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Janise_Farrell_(Website).jpgJanise Farrell was born and raised in Cooma, NSW, and lived for some time in Canberra before settling in Sydney eleven years ago. She has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in linguistics, from the Australian National University, a Graduate Certificate in Research Commercialisation from the University of Technology, Sydney, and a PhD in speech perception from the MARCS Institute of Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University. Janise has built a career in education and runs her own small training business. 

Janise has been active in the campaign to legalise voluntary assisted dying since her mother died of bowel cancer in 2013.  Like Shayne Higson, Janise has always believed in the right to die with dignity, and felt compelled to actively campaign for law reform after watching her mother suffer in the final weeks of her life. 

In 2015, Janise served on the committee of Dying with Dignity NSW, and was very successful in reaching and educating new audiences as administrator of the group’s Facebook page. That role brought her in contact with many others who had witnessed their loved ones suffer, and those who want to legally prevent their own unnecessary suffering. 

Janise strives to continually educate herself on the campaign and successful, working models of law reform. She feels it is both an honour and a great responsibility to run as a VEP candidate for the NSW Senate on behalf of those who want to achieve compassionate law reform in Australia.  

Contact Details

To contact Janise Farrell you can email janise.farrell@gmail.com





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