PENNY HACKETT is the Deputy Convenor of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW) and the President of Dying with Dignity NSW. She was heavily involved in lobbying for the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in 2017 and is determined to see another Bill pass in 2019.



Penny believes that making this an election issue is the best way to get members of NSW parliament to recognise the huge level of public support for voluntary assisted dying laws.
Penny has worked as a lawyer in the finance sector for over 25 years. She spent several years lobbying the Department of Education to address the overcrowding problems in NSW public schools and working with local residents’ action groups in Willoughby where she lives with her husband and two teenage daughters.

She has been a longstanding supporter of the rights of the terminally ill to choose how they die and with the need for our community to overcome its reluctance to speak about death and dying so that our loved ones can have the best possible end to their lives, surrounded by love and care from their family and friends.

Despite strong public support and lobbying over many decades our elected representatives have failed to act. It's time to make them listen.

Shayne Higson NSW

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