Privacy Policy

VEP values the protection of your privacy and follows the Privacy Act 1988 and current Australian best practice guidelines to ensure your privacy is protected.

Membership Details

Membership details will be sent to the AEC to support the party’s application for registration and you may be contacted by the AEC about your membership of this political party.This list will not be made public.

Otherwise your details will remain in possession of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party and will not be transferred or passed on to any third party or affiliate body for commercial purposes, marketing purposes or research purposes. Your details will remain private until the termination of your membership, when they will be destroyed.

What information?

Generally, the information collected by VEP is provided by you in the registration process. This normally includes your name, address and other details. We do not store credit card information.

VEP also collects other non-indentifying information relating to website usage by visitors to the website via cookies in order to improve your website experience. This information includes time, date, IP address, browser and other general website usage information.

What we will do with it?

We will not share your information with anyone else except where legally required.

In addition, VEP has specific obligations under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to disclose donations above a certain size and we will adhere to those obligations.

What about subscriptions?

VEP uses an opt-in process which requires a request to be added to a membership and contact list. All e-mails and newsletters sent via automated mailing lists will clearly identify VEP or its representative as the sender and will include a suitable method for unsubscribing.

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