Shayne Higson

Shayne Higsonhas been endorsed as the lead upper house candidate for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW) for the NSW State Election on 23 March 2019.

Shayne has had a long association with the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) since it formed in 2013 and is an experienced candidate, having run as their lead candidate in four elections over the past five years, at state and federal levels.

In 2013 Shayne ran as the lead NSW Senate candidate in the federal election and later that year she was the driving force behind the registration of the NSW branch of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party. She is currently the NSW State Convenor and the Federal VEP’s Deputy Convenor.

Between elections Shayne has continued to work tirelessly on the campaign to legalise voluntary assisted dying (VAD) in roles with Dying With Dignity NSW, Go Gentle Australia and Dying with Dignity WA. She is the current Vice President of Dying with Dignity NSW.

Before becoming involved in the campaign for voluntary euthanasia law reform, Shayne was a photographic artist and someone who usually expressed her political opinions through her visual art. Although she has always believed in the principle of dying with dignity, it was following the death of her mother in late 2012 from an aggressive brain cancer that Shayne became passionate and vocal about the need for law reform.

Prior to 2013 Shayne had never been involved in politics, however, she has always been willing to step up and be a voice for her peers, be that as a student representative at school and college, as a board member for various arts organisations during the 1980’s, and later on parent organisations and school P & C’s.

Shayne was born and raised in Sydney and currently lives in Queens Park. She is proud to be the lead candidate providing a voice for the thousands of families and carers who have watched loved ones suffer unnecessarily at the end of their terminal illness.

Personal Statement

The 2019 NSW State Election will be my fifth election campaign for the VEP and I consider this election to be the most important.

Just over a year ago, we saw the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Bill fail to pass in the NSW upper house by a single vote. If we can win just one seat in the upper house, it could make all the difference when the next VAD bill is debated in the NSW Parliament.

Within weeks of the narrow defeat in NSW, the Victorian Parliament made history by passing its own Voluntary Assisted Dying law, which will come into effect in June 2019.

We know from recent polling that 82% of NSW residents want an assisted dying law, so we are encouraging voters to take the opportunity to make this happen by giving their number 1 vote to the Voluntary Euthanasia Party on the upper house ballot paper on 23 March. If enough voters give us just one vote, just this once, we can focus on getting this legislation passed.

Contact Details

To contact Shayne Higson you can email or call on 0403 625 456.

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Despite strong public support and lobbying over many decades our elected representatives have failed to act. It's time to make them listen.

Shayne Higson NSW

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