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Donations up to $1,500 in one financial year are tax deductible.


Your donation will support the next VEP (VIC) campaign and any ongoing operational and administration costs. We will keep voluntary euthanasia on the agenda and force politicians to take a stand in favour of law reform.

As an independent people-driven political party, the VEP relies entirely on donations to run our campaigns. We need your support to keep our issue front-and-centre! We don’t have big union or corporate contributions, but if enough people like you make a donation, we’ll be able to have a real impact.

Alternate ways to donate

For a cheque or money order please:

Address to: "Voluntary Euthanasia Party Incorporated”
and send to: 165/1 Barratt St, Hurstville, 2220.

For electronic funds transfer, use our Westpac account details:

Voluntary Euthanasia Party Incorporated
BSB: 032-719
ACC: 513014

Be sure to include your full name in the reference so we can send a receipt.

Who's donating:

from Box Hill, Australia donated. Thank you!

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