Victorian Senate Candidates

David_Scanlon_(Website_New).jpgDavid J Scanlon
has been endorsed as the lead Victorian Senate candidate for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) for the Federal Election on 2 July 2016.

This will be David’s second campaign having been the VEP’s lead candidate for the Upper House division of the Eastern Metropolitan Region in the Victorian State Election in 2014.

David has always been a strong believer in people's rights and has stood up for that principle on many an occasion. He has represented others as a School Councillor for eleven years, as a Staff Representative in a Workplace Site Agreement dispute, as a Staff Enterprise Bargaining Rep, as a Union Rep, and currently sits on Local and National Council's in order to represent staff interests and issues. 

David is also an independent member on three Research Ethics Committees, a lay representative on a Bio Bank Committee, and an independent member on a Tribunal. He is there to protect the interests, welfare and fairness of others. 

That also extends to his interest and fight for voluntary euthanasia legislation. David believes that voluntary euthanasia will not be for everyone, but that everyone should have that choice for themselves. David strongly believes that a terminally ill person who is experiencing unbearable pain or suffering should be allowed to choose a time and place to end their life peacefully and painlessly and that such a person should be allowed to die with dignity. 

David sees this as a basic human right and would like to ensure that the many voices of those that have experienced a loved one suffering unnecessarily at the end of their illness and life are heard. He would like to make this world a better place for his two children and is willing to fight for common sense, dignity, and the rights for all.

Contact Details

To contact David Scanlon you can email or call on 0439 319 664.


Miranda_(Website).jpgMiranda Jones has been endorsed as the second Victorian Senate candidate for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) for the Federal Election on 2 July 2016.

Miranda left Australia when she was 20, planning to spend 2 or 3 years seeing the world before returning home. But she met her future husband, a geneticist, in Edinburgh and ended up spending 30 years in Scotland. Here she had two children, and completed a PhD in Developmental Psychology. She worked for three years as a psychologist, but then gave it up to run a beef and sheep farm in Central Scotland.

When Miranda’s husband retired from Edinburgh University they moved to Australia and set up a winery in Central Victoria, near Daylesford. This kept them very busy for the next 15 years; growing grapes, making wine, running the cellar door; and making lots of good friends but finally the work grew too much for them and they sold up, moving 10km down the road to Drummond.

Retirement gave Miranda the time to pursue something which she had been interested in for some time - ethics in the absence of religion. She enrolled in a Masters in Ethics and Legal Studies at Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga. She says she is in no hurry to finish, doing one subject every semester through distance learning. Currently in her third year, Miranda says she loves to study and explore new ideas.

A year ago one of her brothers was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Her father had died of this, aged 62, so her whole family knew exactly how horrible this disease is. Miranda began to pay particular attention, in her studies, to the question of voluntary euthanasia. Miranda says she is enraged that people with a religious objection to voluntary euthanasia feel that they have the right to impose this on everyone; and that despite 80% of the Australia population supporting the idea of voluntary euthanasia, it still remains illegal. “Other countries have shown that it can work, with no evidence of abuse, so what is holding Australia back?” she asks.

Contact Details

To contact Miranda Jones you can email or call on (03) 5423 9195.



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