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Support Shayne Higson's Campaign in Wentworth

Shayne Higson is well-known to supporters of voluntary assisted dying. She has been campaigning for five years, following the death of her mother from brain cancer, representing the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) as the lead NSW Senate candidate in the 2013 and 2016 federal elections and also as the lead upper house candidate in the 2015 NSW state election.

Although Shayne was born, raised and educated in Wentworth and has lived in the electorate for most of her life, she is running to send a strong message to both major parties on our issue, which is now supported by 85% of Australians. That message is - remove the increasing interference of the religious right in Australian politics and support assisted dying legislation.

It will be hard to get that message out in such a safe Liberal seat however, Shayne is determined to keep assisted dying on the political agenda. 

Please donate so Shayne can run an effective campaign in Wentworth and highlight that our current politicians are out of sync with the community when it comes to issues like ours.


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